How MowTowne Started


It all started in 1999. As a young child, John went knocking on doors to make some extra money. At age 16 his parents had John and his two brothers pose for a picture with all the equipment they had accumulated. They called them selves MowTowne and advertised on the Browns Point bulletin boards with their picture and pull tabs. In 2008, John made the decision to make MowTowne official. With years of experience, we offer a professional service with a high level of efficiency, creativity and are capable of tackling the toughest jobs. We have built a strong foundation with our customers and have a high referral rate. MowTowne Landscaping supports Federal Way YoungLife and Absolute Ministries. Most of our crew has come through one of these programs. These organizations focus on the growth and development of others through relationship and support. MowTowne provides jobs for individuals that want a healthy uplifting work environment.


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My Name is John Towne, I started this business when I was 12 years old and have since grown it into the company it is today. This last year was full of fun and new adventures. I got married to my wonderful wife Callie. Callie's previous work experience was being a Toddler teacher. She brings a level of care and nurture to the people around her which is why I am pleased to now have her apart of our business to bring more nurture and care to the team and our customers. We both serve in our community as YoungLife leaders to high school students, and are blessed to be giving back to our community. We enjoy being outside and spending time with our friends and family. We look forward to getting to meet everyone of you. Thank you for your interest in MowTowne, a family business.  

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The future is now!

We are leading the area by going electric and moving in the direction of sustainable energy.

Tired of the Thursday Friday rumble from lawn crews? Well the solution is here. Do your part in lessoning the noise and carbon footprint by going electric. With our crews set up with electric power tools, you will no longer be adding to the pollution. The average Decibel rating for electric is 30db less then gas. Ear protection only eliminates 27db so it’d be quieter then wearing earplugs while your landscaper worked! (mention Going Electric when submitting a work request)

The iMow can lower the frequency we need to service your property. With proper installation, your yard can look amazing with just once service a month!